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Woo Ji series
Mini tray / Pen holder / Lighting / Tray / Vase
Materials : Han ji, sliced veneer, Copper, Rosewood
Photograph by Park Yoon
This consists of a series of five small pieces in total including tray, holder and lighting. 'Hanji' and 'wood veneer' were used as the main materials and the design was devised focusing on the crafting method of the two materials. ‘Hanji’, the traditional paper of Korea, is tough compared with normal paper and has good thermal protection and air-permeability properties. The air goes through well and ‘Hanji’ absorbs and exudes moisture very well, which makes it preservable and durable as it does not rip easily when dried.
‘Hanji’ can be used in a single sheet but also can be used by 'jumchi' method which piles up several sheets of ‘Hanji’ to make it tighter. 'jumchi' method is similar to laminated bending which piles up and processes several sheets of thin ‘wood veneer’. We have mixed the two processes and developed a new method to combine ‘Hanji’ and ‘wood veneer’.

We piled up ‘Hanji’ and ‘wood veneer’ alternately to make them firm, and made a 'U' shape hiring the laminated bending method which uses a mould to shape up the woods. Also we arranged the 'wood veneer' inside and ‘Hanji’ outside so that the characteristics of the two materials can be seen at a glance and like one material.


Copper rods were used to improve the durability of the structure and designed the usage and shape differently considering the ratio and varition of positions of round-shaped rosewood and geometrical forms of elements.




 Woo Ji - Tray / size(mm) : 175 x 60 x 50
 Woo Ji - Pen Holder / size(mm) : 110 x 50 x 120
 Woo Ji - Mini Tray / size(mm) : 110 x 50 x 80
 Woo Ji - Vase / size(mm) : 110 x 20 x 120
 Woo Ji - Light / size(mm) : 110 x 20 x 120

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