Client : 2019 Euljiro light way
Metarial : borosilicate glass
Dimension : 95 x 95 x 480, 200 x 95 x 425, 145 x 95 x 390 (mm)
Assistant : Hyerim Jung
Photograph by Park Yoon

TUBULAR was designed as a collaboration with Modern Lighting, located in Euljiro, the center of the manufacturing industry in Seoul, South Korea for the “Euljiro Light Way” from October 16 to October 20.
We have developed a design that focuses on the technique of material processing using borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant glass that is resistant to high temperatures.
TUBULAR is produced by using the lampworking glass tube technique and the incalmo technique to join different colored glass into single object.
It is characterized by the different usability according to the straight or curved shape of lengthy cylinder parts. It is designed in three types of series.

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