Product Design LAB. work in progress show

3D Print Library, 3D Print Outcome


Exhibition Chair _ Heo Suyeon 

Editor Chair _ Park Hyebin 

Display Chair _ Kim Jiwon 

Product Design, Hongik University student

2014. 12. 01 - 12. 05    Hongikartcenter exhibition




“3D Print Library  is  an outcome  of substantial exploration and experience about four basic functional elements (Flexibility/Productivity/Strength/Tactile) for exploring new possibilities of a 3D print as a future manufacturing technology and a distribution system.  


This is the first student exhibition using(utilizing) 3D printer around the world. (No other student exhibitions in the world has ever used 3D printer before. ‘PDLAB’ progressed exhibition with a sponsorship of ROKIT Co. 3D Printer ‘Edison Plus’. It displays various different directions of 23 team of designers.“





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