Planet Planter*
Collaboration with QUEENMAMAMARKET
Materials : Brass, Copper
Dimension : Ø120 x H230 / Ø230 x H130/ Ø250 x H230 / Ø145 x H245 / Ø320 x H130 (mm)
Assistant : Hyemin Kwon​
Photograph by Park Yoon
'Craft Combine' has performed design work for planters in collaboration with ‘QUEENMAMAMARKET’, a urban green lifestyle shop. It has studied on different metal surface treatment methods of two types of metals, red copper and brass, and designed planters in 5 different sizes. Plants flexibly grow under the influence of various environmental factors such as the amount of sunlight, humidity level, seasonal change, and so on.
'Craft Combine' gained a new insight that such characteristic of plants is similar to that of metal surface whose properties can also flexibly change and applied this insight to create ‘Planet Planter'.
Factors such as a type of metal, which is the main ingredient of the planter, ambient temperature, and impurities on the surface affect the metal surface treatment process itself and create planters' colors and patterns different to each other. The 'Planet Planter' with the color of mystical solar system will instill beauty into our everyday life in harmony with the lively plants.




4 kinds of metal surface treatment.
Designed planters in 5 different sizes.
Size(mm) : Ø250 x H230 /  Material : Brass
Size(mm) : Ø120 x H120 /  Material : Copper
Size(mm) : Ø320 x H130 /  Material : Copper
Size(mm) : Ø320 x H130 /  Material : Brass

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