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Patterned Pallet Chair
Used Pallet Up-Cycle Project
Materials : Used Pallet, acrylic, felt, Robinia

Dimension : 440 x 750 x 450 (mm)

Photograph by Park Yoon
Pallet is a platform for carrying freight easily. Since most used pallets are just disposed or incinerated, we decided to design a chair by using those. Old used pallets have all different histories with having each own cracks and nailed marks.
Craft Combine has focused on history of pallet itself beyond those histories of each used pallet. Pallet was developed in 1800’ and progressed through the Second World War and a beginning of mass production age in the early 1900’. Our pattern study was inspired by Art Deco, one of the main design styles at that moment pallet comes out so that we could design “Patterned Pallet Chair” by using the pattern we studied.
‘Patterned Pallet Chair’ has not only functional role but also decorative one either. We designed both of two types by using the basic structure of pallet, stacking woods and also considered enhancing its solidity with interlocked structure.
Pallet is made out of wood, treated in two ways, HT (Heat treatment) and MB (Methyl bromide). What we used for our work was HT type one so it makes the chair harmless to humans.
We kept the surface of pallet stamped on it. To create a unique rough style of pallet, we used oversized washer and threaded rode for chair components.
We considered the back of the chair as a grid system in pattern view so that we could make a pattern with symmetry and asymmetry factors in its shape and color by using acrylic overlapping and its transparency. 




Archiving process
Pattened Pallet Chair making
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