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Client : 세운협업지원센터
Designer : Craft Combine, TROPIQUE
Metarial : Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, Wood
Photograph by Jungchaewon

A dictionary definition of Leeway is "Freedom within the limit."  The exhibition LEEWAY symbolizes a studio, meaning flexible activities in a small structure. Tropique and Craft Combine produced seven objets based on the studio experience. The objets made by them play a role as tools, changing the vibe of the small studio.


1. Crossing Light is a table lamp made with the combination of wood, glass tube, and metal. What about placing a lamp that emphasizes its natural materials with warm light, instead of authoritative and solemn nameplate, on the desk. Hope that Crossing Light becomes the objet that arouses natural communications between you and the one sitting opposite you.  


2. Moving Container is a multi-purpose container carved from hardwood. Containers are necessary to keep or hide something important. Sometimes, its existence itself can even be forgotten, but every container has their own stories in them. The act of rolling a ball is necessary to open Moving Container. Even without rolling it, it exists as a story placed in the corner of the workroom, having another meaning. 


3. Staying Hanger is a vertical-and-horizontal-structured multi-purpose hanger.  It is made of stainless and wood, featuring the difference in height. Various stuffs used in the space such as clothes, bags and hats are hung up on the hanger. When it is not used, it changes the vibe as a sculpture in the space. 


4. Leeway Table is a table that consists of two tables. The two tables, arranged front-back-side respectively, can be used depending on the purpose of use and the space. The table legs and the top plate can be separated and reassembled with metal fittings, and they are designed to be loaded into passenger cars. 


5. Leeway Chair is a stacking chair made of plywood. It features the angle that is tilted to the sitting position and the stackable structure. Stain, paint and urethane can be used as finishing materials on the wood from Indonesia depending on the purpose of use and the environment.  


6. Leeway Storage is an office drawer made of wood with oil finish. This flat-sided drawer with no drawer pull is a push-to-open one, and can store up to A3 size paper. Big or tall stuffs like books and thermos can be kept in the drawer open at the top.  


7. Leeway Screen is a movable screen made of wood with oil and paint finishes. It separates space into two spaces—front and back—and gives them the characteristic of independence. It is foldable, so it can be folded and stored in one third of its size when not in use.  


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