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Floating Furniture Series
Materials : used plastic oil bottle, tape, rope, air

Table 280ℓ -  1120 x 410 x 550 (mm)

Chair 80ℓ -  550 X 410 X 650 (mm)

Stool 60ℓ - 550 X 410 X 320 (mm)

Photograph by Park Yoon
Recently, natural disasters and damages caused by them are occurring frequently. We have developed a design that can cope with flood damage among them. Since most of the furniture does not float well, we have designed furniture that can be used for emergencies by recycling easily discarded plastic containers.
We contrived various taping methods and used those methods for connecting plastic containers without making a hole. 
In addition, the surface is finished by intentionally using the corrugated texture generated by taping. Knotted ropes and carabiners are attached for use in flood-related emergencies and the retroreflective sheet was attached on the underside to make it conspicuous.




Chair 80ℓ -  550 X 410 X 650 (mm)
Table 280ℓ -  1120 x 410 x 550 (mm)
The bottom of the 'Stool 60ℓ'
Study of various tape.

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