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Craft Combine Plate

Materials : brass, copper, aluminium, wood, marble, glass

Dimension : 150 x 150 x 90 (mm)

Photograph by Park Yoon
Plate designed by various techniques of metal surface treatment and mixing proceess of materials.  Aluminum, red copper and brass, the main materials' surfaces are treated and expressed differently with 9 techniques: Partination using chemical reaction with chemicals such as sulfurated potash, black-c, ammonium carbonate, Anodizing using electrocity to color metals, Coloring metals with heat, Buffing to find out metals original color and gloss, etc.
Various metal surface treatment is done with each different main material and submaterial and require different techniques. In addition, techniques used for the work changes metal surfaces while keeping metals' own texture, thus it differs from just painting metal surfaces.





metal surfaces after a treatment test





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