clear b
Glass Incense Burner
Material : Borosilicate Glass
Dimension : S Ø80 x 35 / M Ø80 x 100 / L Ø165 x 70 (mm)
Photograph by Park Yoon
‘Craft Combine’ executed project ‘clear b’ through ‘Craft Design Product Development Project’ that was developed by KCDF(KOREA CRAFT & DESIGN FOUNDATION). We use borosilicate glass to design living accessories through a project called 'clear b'. ‘clear b’ are the incense burner series designed by the process of borosilicate glass which is resistant to heat and impact with a lamp working technique.
The three types of incense burners are made in the form of a bowl to prevent ashes from scattering. After burning the incense, the ash can gather naturally in the burner, and you can feel the luster of the incense.




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