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KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-50-49 001.jpeg
Candle Holder pop-up
For End of Year
Designer : Craft Combine
Metarial : Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, Wood
1. Trio Candelabra is a candle holder designed in a shape reminiscent of drums placed at various heights, focusing on utilizing line elements to provide a modern interpretation of the traditional shape of the candlelabra. The intention was to place the candles at different heights so that you can enjoy the light reflecting and refracting on the glass.
2. Fractal Candle is a candle holder designed with a tree branch motif. One shape is repeated to form the overall shape, and three candles can be inserted and used at once.
3. Oval container is a candle holder with a small storage. The stainless steel cover makes the candle more stands out and protects the items inside. There are two types to choose from: tea light and long candle type.
4. The Light in The Wood, Parkyoon, Archival Pigment Print, 40x30cm

KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-51-34 014.jpeg
Trio Candelabra
Fractal Candle
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-52-22 008.jpeg
Oval container
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-51-29 010.jpeg
The Light in The Wood
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-51-22 005.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-51-33 013.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-01-28-19-51-20 004.jpeg
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