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'Around The Window'
mirror, vase, screen used the combination of various materials
Materials : stainless steel super mirror, rosales, glass, acrylic, walnut, brass, pet film, walnut

Dimension : 100 x 100 x 200 / 450 x 7 x 150 / 730 x 400 x 1460 (mm)


Photograph by Park Yoon
Craft Combine ‘Around The Window’ Project is to design the unique aesthetic between the characteristics of materials and the natural elements like lights, winds, shadows. This project is composed of mirror, vase, screen to project the natural elements coming through the windows more abundantly.






Craft Combine Vase
Three kinds of curved glass, plated stainless steel(silver, chrome, zinc plating) and the light reflected from the bottom reflect flowers in many angles.  glass designed by Hong, Seok-Yeong
Craft Combine Mirror
Sunlight is diffused through the dyed acrylic plate, and reflects on three moving faces to shine objects on various angles.






Craft Combine screen
Screen is placed upon the needs of users to part spaces or block the light.
Craft combine 'Around The Window' making
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